“Bad Teachers”

After watching the movie ‘Bad Teacher’ yesterday (with 4 other teachers might I add), I started to think, ok, so what is a bad teacher?

Recently we’ve been focusing on the heart of a teacher and how technique isn’t necessarily the be all, end all of making a good teacher. This movie had pretty much the opposite viewpoint – the teacher who cared about her students was portrayed as ‘fake’ and unnecessarily ‘into’ her job.

The protagonist of the movie, who won everyone’s heart did everything that we would consider bad teaching – slept in class, drank, played movies with no educational merit. Finally, when she started ‘teaching’ she was drilling the kids for information and preparing them for high stakes tests.

The movie didn’t necessarily show these as best teaching practices, but she did get a bonus for the kids having the highest scores on the state tests. Interesting. I loved how this movie basically showed the public that scoring well on a high stakes tests means NOTHING. The worst teacher in the school can get her kids to do well; all she has to do is teach to the test.

All in all, this movie had some good points for teachers (high stakes tests are ridiculous) and some bad points (teachers who care are uncool people). If I wasn’t a teacher, I probably would have really enjoyed it, but the second my inner teacher came out, I had a lot of trouble enjoying the ‘teaching’ inuendo. The plot line was ok, but it basically shows that anyone can teach… try it for a day 🙂


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