EC&I 808 Teacher Narrative

A prelude to my assignment:

So, Julie said get creative with this assignment – make it visual, make it tell a story. So, I thought, “Hey! This is an excellent chance to try Prezi” and I developed a vision. Then I started to use the program and realized, things were about to get worse before they got better.

For a project that would have taken 2 hours to hammer out a paper – 12 point font, Times New Roman, double spaced, I spent two full afternoons and the better part of an afternoon putting my Prezi together. It allowed me to go so much deeper than a paper would – every movement became meaningful, my writing was limited so I had to reflect and say what I needed before writing. While it was frustrating at first, I really appreciated the extra amount of creativity that Prezi space offered me.

I was really able to think about how I wanted the viewer to see what I was saying – adding another very cool layer to what could have been a simple writing project.

So thank you Julie, for getting me to take a risk. Next risk up, attempting a Glogster  representation of “Messages from Kumashiro”

Go to the Link to see my Narrative: Who I am Today (Prezi)


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