Teaching Teachers to Teach: Kumashiro Ch 1

It is important that teachers know the limits of their knowledge. – Kumashiro, 2009, Against Common Sense (2nd ed), p. 7https://i0.wp.com/www.barking-moonbat.com/images/uploads/Limitations.gif

The toughest challenge presented by my master’s course is that I need to “look at my blind spots.” The universe of education seems to be unending and it gets worse – the further out you explore, the more space you see there is to cover. I feel like I am still stuck in my own solar system but trying to see what the entire universe looks like through a tiny telescope… and I don’t even recognize what is in front of my face because it is outside my view.

All people are limited by their knowledge. We are limited by our experiences, our gained knowledge, our interests, our friends, etc. and even if we decide to expand all the pieces of our life, the other parts continue to evolve without us (and thus we miss out on that knowledge too).

The following video explains how I see Kumashiro’s explanations from chapter 1:

If you never look beyond your current perspective, or are never forced to look beyond that perspective, you will never understand the limits of your current knowledge. Without that understanding, no teacher can ever reach all of their students since not everyone has the same (or even similar) knowledge as that particular teacher. The trick becomes to be able to step out of your perspective and see the new dimension around you.


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