Technology and Power

Today we were without power for almost 24 hours. After dealing with the perishable foods and melting freezer we were out of ideas. With four grown women in our house and two kids we couldn’t think of something to do to pass the time. Wow!Technology

To add a little irony to this story, we had spent the morning discussing education’s new-found reliance on technology. Some teachers feel that technology is an ‘add on’ to education – but I wholeheartedly disagree. Technology is no longer an option in education, it is absolutely necessary!

This ideal of ‘necessary technology’ isn’t one driven by education. Neither teachers, nor school systems, can stop technology’s advance into our personal territories. Society RUNS on technology, people run on technology. Consider the evidence, we couldn’t even entertain ourselves for 8 hours at home without technology – thank goodness we still had cell phones and access to a McDonald’s – at least we could eat and still access social media!!

Technology is no longer an add on to society – it is a necessary medium from which we connect with people, information, and the media. Educators need to view it in this light as well. The change has already happened, and education is finally starting to catch up!


2 thoughts on “Technology and Power

  1. We had such a lively discussion in class on the role of technology in schools and society. I think your presentation helped everyone to see that technology was used as a ‘way’ to engage audience in a meaningful way, to communicate messages through many different forms, to share information, to create original work, to inspire! The power of your presentation was that technology was not the focus and in fact, you never mentioned it at all! Thanks!

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