Road Block Planning

CO Amanzi-Reflections BlogspotI have finally settled into summer – that means naps, sleeping in, dubious amounts of trashy TV, reading for pleasure, and of course some planning. As of Saturday, I have moved into my summer residence until the end of August. Yesterday I sat down to take a look at some planning for fall – only to realize that I forgot the textbook. So, I walked away from the planning figuring that I’d hit the unmovable roadblock and thus I couldn’t plan until the fall.

Twitter has once again woken me up. As I was reading, I knew that I aligned myself with so many progressive educators in belief – we need to move away from ‘cut out’ mathematics education… but I wasn’t doing this in practice. My roadblock was of my own doing.

I do have a teacher guide with me, as well as a curriculum guide – since our school forces students to write common finals and similar unit exams (that is a completely different post) – so I still have to ensure that my students are able to answer the contrived textbook examples. These examples can be easily covered within a genuine and real-world based context.

So, thank you forgetful brain for not remembering that textbook. Who knows, I may just be moulding a better unit because of it.


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