Departing with United

I went to Las Vegas for a bachelorette two weekends ago, and we had the best time! We saw some great shows, did way too much shopping, and bonded over some great food and drinks. We were all sad to leave Vegas, but we had to get back for the wedding the next weekend. So, we finally went to catch our flight on Monday, and that’s when the real adventure began.

Our first flight was three hours late, weather delay… ok, so nothing anyone can do about that. We finally got into Denver, Colorado with five minutes to spare on our connecting flight. We sprinted 1.5 miles to our next gate. We were elated when we saw the plane was still there! Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed on… they had already done their security check. Extremely dissapointed we went to the ticket counter to reroute to get home (along with at least 200 other people who missed various connecting flights.

The earliest we could get home was Tuesday at 8:45 p.m. – so we booked it and we got a cheap hotel so we could get around 5 hours of sleep. The next morning we caught our flight to Cedar Rapids, Iowa and caught our connection to Chicago, Illinois, and we breathed a sigh of relief when everything was on time. We spoke too soon. Our final flight home was on time, but unfortunately the pilots landed too hard and the plane had to go in for repairs. We were told they were trying to find us another plane (0r fix that one), so we waited – since we tried to reroute and they told us to wait since this flight would head out.

Three hours later, we were finally on the plane and ready to get home. Our plane was next to take off and a lightning storm hit the tarmac. At this point we were all praying for this storm to pass so we could just get home – well it did, but not early enough that we could fly home. Since the Regina airport would be closed, and we couldn’t make this stop – we weren’t flying out Tuesday.

We rerouted again to get home at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. We stayed in Chicago airport overnight. The next day we caught our flight at 6:30 am to Toronto – and we were just happy to get through customs and back into Canada. Thankfully Air Canada was able to move up our flight time and we FINALLY got into Saskatoon at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday – with no luggage, but at that point we didn’t care.

We finally got our luggage Saturday morning, just in time for the wedding we were all in that afternoon.

Needless to say, I will NEVER fly United Airlines EVER again – understandably some of these delays were due to weather, but if they had simply given us the courtesy of holding the first plane in Denver for 15 minutes, we could have been home. I know I’m not the first to have a bad experience with them, but I thought I’d give you all a laugh from my story – because that’s all we could do (was laugh) to keep from severely hurting one of their less than friendly employees.


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