What You Feel…

Today I was watching Criminal Minds, and the character, Aaron Hotchner, said I line that got me thinking. He said,

“What you feel is just as important as what you think.”
Now, me being as imperialist as they come, I tend to neglect the emotional side of pretty much anything and focus on the facts. However, this past year in my master’s courses I have been learning to think with ‘both’ sides. The beauty and simplicity of this ideal didn’t strike me until I heard ‘Agent Hotchner’ say his aforementioned line.
Criminal Minds tv show photo
Thus, this fall, I want to try to adopt this mantra within my classroom for my problem-based learning. In my physics classroom, I want my students to really UNDERSTAND physics and science – I have already established that this needs to be done with previous experiences, but it is also important that students reflect on the information internally. How do these ideals make you feel? Why? What can we do with that information as well as the factual information you’ve explored?
I wonder how my Physics students will react to the question, and how does that make you feel? 🙂

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