What Ifs and Why’s

https://i2.wp.com/www.rovio.com/img/angrybirds_big.jpgAngry Birds in my Physics 20 class was an absolute hit! We were focusing on activating the prior knowledge of the students – what physics do you already know? As well as, working on our question asking and prediction skills today through the medium of angry birds.

Here is the link of the ‘worksheet’ I gave the students.

I walked the students through an example, explained the task, and let them loose. They were SO engaged. I thought there would be a lot of students off task (just wanting to play the game) but they were all focused. Eventually, the short discussions turned into… “Oh I didn’t expect that,”, “Ok, so why did it do that?” and “Wait! But what if we did this instead” and the absolute best, “Hey Man, don’t do it until I’ve made a guess about what’s going to happen – you ruined it!”

This link will take you to the questions that the students posed to eachother.

After the students had finished there exploration, they were given a 1 page reflection on the following question:

In terms of Physics, how do you think the angry birds universe is similar to our universe? How is it different? Use 2 – 3 of your question, predictions, and explanations to support your answer.

So far, I have yet to read the reflections, but I am VERY excited to see what they come up with!


One thought on “What Ifs and Why’s

  1. Many students showed a good comprehension of physics terms and that physics really is common sense to most of them… giving them a chance to explore physics and write about it showed me WHAT they know! However, I did find that many of them used terms improperly even though the concept was clearly described (particularly with momentum, speed/acceleration, and force)… do we need to teach concepts or vocab?

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