Random Questions

Daily, at least, I am asked 3 – 5 random questions by a group of students. Usually these questions come about in Physics class. Sometimes we take the time to talk about them, but some days I am either frazzled from random question overload or frustrated because we have ‘a lot of content to cover’ that day. It just dawned on me how hypocritical I am being…

I encourage students to develop opinions and ask questions, but only of information the government has asked me to teach. Really, I should be spending an entire class on random questions, directing and guiding students to discoveries through them. They should be anything but frustrating.

However, I also need to stop being an enabler. I need to stop telling kids the answer to their random questions and teaching them how to learn it and why to share it. This may grow into a piece for my Physics 20 class on everyday physics – answer a random question 🙂 I can take the random questions I am asked in a term and have students answer them in some kind of a journal (probably on Google Docs since I already use it with them) instead of having them complete set out and based projects. Hmmm…. pedagogical wheels are moving on this one.



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