Writing a Rubric

Ok, so my kids are fully engaged in this problem-based learning project, and loving it by the way. Then I ran into a wall – how will I assess this thing? After some research, I decided to try to include the students as much as possible. Their assessment broke down into three parts:

1. The Report Handed In

2. Personal and Peer Reflections

3. Group Rubric

Students were given a chance to write their group rubric. They enjoyed this process. Students liked being in control over what details they would be marked on, and some came up with unique ideas. I.e. under shows interest in physics, one group justified that students handing in their assignment on time shows an interest in the project. I never would have considered that.

Students felt that writing the rubric made them think more about the project. They had to really consider what they were going to do, since they were being marked on it. Also, they have been in charge of the project, so they said they knew more specifics about the thinking behind it, so it made sense they decided how it got marked. Finally, they liked that they were writing different rubrics for different projects – that way they could get specific instead of writing a general one they wouldn’t know how to read.


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