Physics IS useful

Today we were working on one of my favorite labs… Projectile calculations and trying to hit a target. The reason I love this lab so much is because they learn independently! I have formally taught kinematics at this point, but have not formally taught projectiles.

I love to see their knowledge of projectiles grow over the two days. They go from being frustrated to knowing how to complete some of the most complex problems all without me lecturing at all. Every year I also find projectiles to be completed extremely well by all of my students.

The highlight of this lesson was also having a skeptical student say, “physics is actually useful”. As if I would have been lying these past 2 years to him 🙂

Independent learning is the way to go, now to just find a way to always teach concepts like this AND find the time in a school year to cover it.

If you have any resources to share with independent learning in physics or math, I’d be more than happy to share! 🙂



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