Too Smart for Groupwork?

Recently, I have had a swirl of thoughts around collaboration and intelligence. It all started with three students in three separate classes that I have. Each of these students expressed the same sentiments: they felt they were too smart to work in groups and group discussions only held them back. It’s not like I haven’t heard this before, but I finally heard some arguments from the other side.

Humans, as a whole, are social creatures. In fact, Matt Ridley does an excellent job explaining about how this social nature has allowed humans to thrive so quickly in recent times. We need our ideas to mate in order to get any further.

This epidemic of solo supremacy is also prevalent in education. Collaboration is important! Not simply co-planning but allowing open sharing of ideas and letting these ideas change shape and grow through this exchange.

Our intelligence (as a human race) has come from collaboration. So kids, I’m sorry, but no one is too smart to collaborate.


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