Physics is like…

WOW! It’s been a long time since I have posted. Well, this year I started off my semester with some new and exciting activities. I had students thinking on the first day – and they loved it!

First, I had them interact with three stations:

1) An iPad game (Simple Physics) requiring them to build various physics-challenging objects

2) The MYSTERY tube – students had to guess WHAT was in the tube and WHY it worked the way it did.

3) Particle Physics Puzzles – students were presented with VERY foreign particles (cards with a short summary of particle characteristics), asked to find a logical pattern and predict a new particle. (Of course winning a Nobel Prize when they did).


After these projects I had students come up with a statement completing the phrase “Physics is like…” and the class voted on their favourite. I LOVED how creative the students got with their responses, and we REALLY saw how they felt. Some examples were:

  • Physics is like faith, it leaves you with more questions than answers
  • Physics is like sunglasses, you can now look into the sun

and our winner

Physics is like sticking a fork into a toaster, unpredictable and shocking.

I revisited this statement with my students yesterday, and they almost regret choosing it. They all agreed that Physics is actually extremely predictable, you just have to KNOW the background information before taking a guess.


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