Standardized Instruction

In my school, we are all about standardizing. Our notes are the same, tests come from the same banks of questions, heck even our report card comments are common. Awesome right? I mean, I rarely ever have to plan a course from scratch and I know my students won’t be at a loss. This is our main reason for standardizing – ensuring that all students have the same learning experience, but I’m not sure it’s benefitting them.

Recently, I’ve really been considering using flipped classroom methods in my senior math course. On a typical day, students will come, listen to instruction and then attempt what homework they can in class. Sometimes I have exploratory activities for them to try, but nothing I couldn’t move to the end of a class day prior. This class is BUILT to transfer to the flipped method.

When talking about this, I was asked whether or not the students would actually watch the videos. This flipped method would actually cut student homework from an average of 1 hour to and average of 20 minutes. Any other arguments?

I’m quite tentative to take this step, but not on my own reservations, simply because I can’t ‘risk’ my students education when other teachers may not want to take the chance. How much further can standardization penetrate (and effectively neutralize) my philosophy?


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