So why DID you take your masters?

Today, I can proudly say that I finally hold a Masters Degree in Education.

When I tell people I am completing a masters program, I am often asked “so what will you do with it now?” Honestly, not much. Yes, it did bump my pay. No, I DO NOT want to be an administrator.

I have been reading articles from angry grad students about how their degree won’t get them a job. This is not the point of grad studies! Graduate degrees are to improve personal knowledge on a subject, to think critically about an area of academic study. Grad studies is not to get a job.

On that fact, if you choose any degree to get a specific job, you’re “doing” university wrong. University is no longer a place to prepare for a specific job. There were many people I went through the College of Education with that had no intention of ever becoming a teacher, and more who did not wind up becoming teachers even with the degree.

Why did I take my masters? To reflect critically on my teaching and improve my knowledge base; to prepare myself to change in the future; to form a solid academic base to build my philosophy around. Grad studies is for thought, not for a job.


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