Educating myself

I LOVE teaching Physics and math, but sometimes I get jealous of other disciplines. I mean, English and Religion teachers get to know their students better through writing. Practical classes get to see kids apply their knowledge to life. However, most of all, I am jealous of the humanities.

I am jealous of the humanities because they cannot become stagnate in their knowledge. They teach about the human history of the world – and this is ALWAYS changing. Unfortunately, with our current Physics curriculum this is not the case.

I am helping with a revision of our curriculum and I must admit that I am a bit nervous about it. When I saw some of the topics to be included, I realized that I hadn’t thought about some of them since university. So, I am on a mission to reteach myself the basics.

While on that mission I started watching minute physics videos on YouTube (because I could justify the distraction). There is so much new physics that I just haven’t had to THINK about yet that my students would find interesting. This sent me on a 3 hour clicking tour of the Internet… Again, I was learning.

So, I am jealous of the humanities, but I can only hope our new curriculum fixes that one (and only) problem we physics teachers have.


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