4 days of SMART

This week, I was given the opportunity to attend the 2014 SMART Exemplary Educator summit. I must admit that at first I was a little leery about what I could learn from this camp that would apply to my situation this fall, but I have been pleasantly surprised!

The beginning of the week focused on SMARTamp, a multi-user platform developed specifically to increase collaboration. While I still have to reflect on specific uses for my physics classroom, I DO see incredible uses in both elementary and high school humanities (english, history, religion, etc) alike. SO, that being said, as I’m hoping I may be teaching undergraduate teachers over the next few years, I would LOVE to show them the power of collaboration using SMARTamp. I also have a few ideas for some of my former colleagues… watch for emails guys!

Then the really powerful stuff came: talking about Global Collaborations. Again, I felt “Oh, elementary teachers of course, I guess I could help some colleagues connect” and then a pair of senior math teachers presented. Interest piqued, I keenly listened. Now I am already attempting to connect some of my former colleagues for collaborations in calculus and statistics with teachers from the USA, South Africa, and Italy.

Finally, we finished off the week hearing from the Hackathoner team. Now, while I can’t divulge specifics, needless to say, Notebook 14 has some AMAZING things coming to it! Again, I wish I was still in my tech coach role for the fall, but my former tech coach colleagues will be SPAMMED with emails as the new hacks are released!

I want to say a final thank you to SMART Technologies for everything this week. Teachers aren’t used to two things: being pampered and being heard. Both of these were in abundance this week. From the ketchup chips and chocolate, to the SMART sessions with the CTO of SMART Warren Barkey, we were definitely treated like royalty. Our opinions were heard, and we even saw immediate developments occur over the week. Truly SMART Technologies listens to teachers, yet another reason we all LOVE SMART!

Oh and have a mentioned that tomorrow they are taking us to Banff?


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