Teacher Training

I wonder if we need to reconsider teacher training. There is something in our culture that says to be a successful teacher all you need the are most fun activities and the best resources. There is a myth out there that lesson plans are from a template. For some reason, people think teaching is only about the classroom activity: but is this teaching?

Admittedly, in my undergraduate, I viewed teaching as this myth: I needed to get as many resources as I could so that I could effectively teach. However, after a few years of experience, one begins to see the profession as so much more. Yet, each year we release undergraduates who may not have completely grasped this view of education.

Maybe we need to ask undergraduates what it means to teach? Most colleges will ask this. However, we need to make it more. Maybe it needs to be conversations about teaching with a new teacher, an experienced teacher, and many in between. Maybe it means offering a class with defined objectives and having students create the curriculum with the professor. Maybe it means having teachers return to university to reflect and take time to think about what it means to teach after they have attempted it?

In Canada, we do not offer teacher training – we offer a degree in Education. We do not want to produce teachers who can be reduced to effective implementation of a teacher guide. Yet, there is a myth that teaching can be boiled down to “tips and tricks” of a successful classroom. Maybe we should offer a teacher training prior to the College of Education to get these skills out of the way?


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