What is Education?

Today, at FETC, I was posed an interesting question – “What is Education?” I have spent a lot of time reflecting on this, and limited to my constraints of formal education. The speakers’ response was, “Education is a form of opening up.” Brilliant response. Education is opening up a students’ mind, opening a group of students to new ideas, opening a generation to what it around them. How do we open this next generation?

What does it mean to open up students today? How can we achieve this? Most importantly, how can we integrate today’s most personal piece of technology – the cell phone?

I really all boils down to one question, what do we as human beings want out of education? Do we develop our next generation for success? Do we drive our students to seek happiness in their education? What does our society need? This shift in education needs to occur, because our old model of developing ‘productive members of society’ developed in the industrial revolution, and the technological revolution of today has vastly altered the areas for which we need to prepare our students.

I believe we need to re-develop our educational system to drive towards understanding; understanding of our world, understanding of one’s personal circumstances, and understanding of the tools developing in our world. We need to prepare students with skills, not specifics. The world needs question askers and problem solvers, and our educational system must alter itself to fit accordingly.